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Brass Banding after the Miners’ Strike – Free talk

  • 08 July
  • 2.30pm
  • Miners' Hall
  • Free

Jack Goldstein, a Musicology student at Brunel University and Goldsmiths, London will be giving the below free talk at this years Durham Miners’ Gala

The Valley’s Again Red: The Fallout of the UK Miners’ Strike on The British Brass Band Movement and the Paths Towards a Progressive and Socialist Resuscitation

My discussion will endeavour to examine the socio-political and cultural history of the British Brass Band movement from the 1984 UK Miner’s Strike to present day. I will then hypothesise a means by which the movement can rejuvenate itself, addressing Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party,  the position of workers today in comparison to those of the late seventies and eighties and how the British brass band is currently perceived.