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Streets of Brass

  • 21 July – 22 July
  • 11.00am - 5.00pm
  • Durham
  • Free

Durham’s World Heritage Site City Centre resounds to the sound of Brass with the ever-popular Streets of Brass. Street bands from Spain, Serbia and France will be joined by leading UK bands for two days of high energy and brilliant music making.


Market PlaceMillennium PlaceWhisky River/Boat ClubFramwellgate Bridge
11:00amArtistas Del GremioBreak Out Brass
11:40amFunky Style BrassMr WilsonsBrass FunkysRio Brass
12:20pmBack ChatNorthern MonkeysArtistas Del GremioBreak Out Brass
1:00pmBrass FunkysRio BrassFunky Style Brass
1:40pmMr WilsonsBreak Out BrassBack ChatNorthern Monkeys
2:20pmArtistas Del GremioFunky Style BrassRio BrassBreak Out Brass
3:00pmBack ChatBrass FunkysMr Wilsons
3:40pmFunky Style BrassArtistas Del GremioNorthern Monkeys
4:20pmMr WilsonsBack ChatBrass Funkys


Market PlaceMillennium PlaceWhisky River/Boat ClubFramwellgate Bridge
11:00amLoud Noise
11:40amBreak Out BrassMr WilsonsArtistas Del GremioGoat Stew
12:20pmFunky Style BrassBrass FunkysBack Chat
1:00pmArtistas Del GremioBreak Out BrassMr WilsonsGoat Stew
1:40pmBrass FunkysBack ChatFunky Style Brass
2:20pmMr WilsonsArtistas Del GremioGoat StewBreak Out Brass
3:00pmLoud NoiseFunky Style BrassBrass Funkys
3:40pmBack ChatLooping
4:20pmFinale – all bandsBritish Trombone